iPhone XS Max

  • October 3, 2018

The iPhone XS seemingly introduces new hardware and software that will allow a larger percentage of users to take photos that will look more like they were taken with higher-end cameras.

I watched the keynote and focused intently on "Smart HDR" and all of the near-instant computations the device is making to generate a "perfectly" exposed image.

For all of my excitement on receiving my iPhone XS Max, after a few days of snapping pics with it, I thought something was very wrong.

Sebastiaan de With (from Halide) wrote an in-depth report on the camera - definitely read this if you are interested in capturing the best photos with the newest iPhones.

Moving forward, in agreement with Sebastiaan, I've decided to turn off "Smart HDR" and will only be shooting in RAW with Halide Camera - this allows me to leverage the new hardware, which is a great improvement, while also retaining overall control over image adjustments.