Sony 85mm F1.8

  • September 19, 2018

Is it weird to be in love with a lens? Yes, it probably is, but wow am I in love with Sony's 85mm F/1.8.

I agonized deciding between the 1.4 and the 1.8 (not to mention the $1200 price difference!), but after pouring over reviews & sample images (thank you Ken Rockwell & DP Review) as well as video reviews (thank you Jason Vong, Beards And Gear, and AO&JO Photography who's review ultimately sold me on the 1.8) I decided that the slightly creamier bokeh was not worth the increase in both weight and especially price and I pulled the trigger on the 1.8 - and I am happy!

This may be my favorite lens, ever. It is fast, lightweight, so sharp, and the price is more than reasonable. It's a killer portrait lens, but also versatile enough for landscapes and street photography. It gets you just close enough to what you want to shoot. With my 24-70mm I love that I can get a good wide angle shot, but at 70mm I find myself constantly cropping once I'm in Lightroom. Shooting with the 85mm feels more natural for some reason, like it knows I'm going to stand just a little too far back and it compensates automatically.

I really missed having a prime lens; I loved my 55mm but almost never used it (always favoring the 24-70mm). To be honest though, I haven't removed the 85mm since I got it and I'm not sure that I ever will!